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DataSmart is a Portuguese company, positioning itself as a Consulting Company of excellence, specialized in technologies and Information Systems services, for the Portuguese and International markets.

We began our activity in 2003, with projects in the area of ​​infrastructure and administration of Unix and Windows systems.

The excellence of our services allowed us, over the first few years of activity, to start several projects in the area of ​​management platforms, implementation, and database administration (Oracle and SQL Srv) for clients from various sectors, such as banking, mobile operators, and Public Institutions.

With only 4 years of activity, DataSmart has also become evident as a Service Provider in the area of ​​Training.

The applied strategy and investment in skills development raised DataSmart to the TOP 15 of the ‘ranking’ of the best HP / EMEA training entities.

Over the past decade, Datasmart has maintained a constant concern and commitment to follow-up closely the needs of its employees, customers and suppliers.

Because excellence in services is key in today's world

Over the last decade, strategic partnerships have been established, born from the evidence of know-how and maturity of the services that DataSmart presents to the market. The conditions have been planned and created for DataSmart to offer, at the present, services of excellence in the main technological aspects: Consultancy, Infrastructure, Development, Database, Cybersecurity, Nearshore competences (DSFactory).


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The high level of quality of services that DataSmart presents to the market is only possible in conjunction with professionals of excellence. We count on you!