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Regardless of the complexity of each project, the people involved will always be the differentiating factor for its success.

Our teams are made up of experienced professionals, who listen and understand our Clients’ doubts and queries, and have the know-how that allows them to analyze and present the best solutions to any problem.

From “Nearshore IT” application development, “Nearshore IT” administration and management of Windows and Linux systems, Database management, there are few challenges that our professionals have not yet experienced. Show us your challenge. We will be able to find the best solution.

  • Work MethodologiesAt DSFactory we strive to adapt to each Client’s work method;
  • “Team to Project” adaptationOur teams can be quickly reconfigured at any stage of the project, given that projects have different characteristics and different phases;
  • Customized Project Management – ​​Feel perfectly comfortable leaving your project with us or, if you prefer, you can manage it directly;
  • Customized or project development – ​​Development of application solutions in the most varied programming languages ​​(C#, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, among others);
  • Infrastructure, implementation and administrationMicrosoft Operating Systems, Unix, Cloud Solutions, Azure, AWS, CGP, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Backup Management, Networking;
  •  DBAaaS (DBA as a Service)Database administration in the “as a service” model, with monitoring, optimization, implementation and support 24×7, 365 days a year (Oracle, SQL Server; MySQL; mongoDB; PostgreSQL, Cassandra, NoSql);

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Talk to us. At DataSmart we are always available to assist you and answer all your questions.