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Our cybersecurity services are designed to provide organizations with cybersecurity threat detection and compliance reporting without any headaches or capital investment of traditional solutions.

Services include automated consolidation, correlation, and analysis of security events across your network, along with manual reviews performed by our team. Human oversight allows us to find hidden threats and trends that a fully automated system cannot detect on its own. No other solution offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable cybersecurity monitoring solution like ours.

Cybersecurity Integrity Audit Services: 3 Packages

Level 1:

  • Automated network scanning, checking for common security holes.
  • A detailed report of findings.

Level 2:

  • Automated network scans for common security holes and unusual or unusual system configurations that can be exploited.
  • Manual checks for items of interest.
  • A detailed report of findings.
  • One-hour debriefs explaining findings and addressing questions.

Level 3:

  • Extensive vulnerability assessment, using a set of comprehensive automated scanning tools and detailed manual investigations.
  • Penetration Testing: Using reconnaissance findings from the vulnerability assessment, our team assesses the most vulnerable point and implements a simulated cyberattack on your security infrastructure.
  • A detailed report of findings.
  • One-hour debriefs explaining findings and addressing questions.

A customized Virtual CISO plan available for your organization

  • Develop safety operating procedures
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the current cybersecurity program
  • Assist in risk assessment
  • Coordinate and maintain information security policies, processes, and controls
  • Guide in the acquisition of security products + technology (hardware + software)
  • Develop strategic long-, mid-, and short-term cybersecurity goals and leadership to achieve those goals
  • Train your team in the best practices of security procedures
  • Oversee security breaches and incident investigations
  • Monitor internal and external vulnerability assessments
  • Oversee penetration testing

Extended Detection and Response

  • Real-time, always-on cybersecurity monitoring across your entire cyber infrastructure.
  • Stay vigilant against advanced and persistent threats by expanding your security portfolio to include 24/7 security operations center (SOC) services.

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